Handy Uses of Baking Soda When Cleaning

07Sep 2015

eco cleaning

The uses for baking when cleaning the house are pretty much endless. It covers everything from dishes to bedding. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular and helpful ways baking soda is used for cleaning.

Wine Stains
Rubbing baking soda into a wine stain will remove it and it can be used on all surfaces including fabrics.

stain removal

Tough Food Stains
Either soak the container or utensil in water and baking soda or, for a particularly tough stain, you can use baking soda on a sponge to clear the stains and any leftover food.

Clean Tiles
Baking soda is perfect for cleaning any dirt on kitchen or bathroom tiles and really getting in between the tiles where there can be a lot of dirt build up and some products aren’t as effective.

tile cleaning

Baking soda can be used to clean grills. It is mostly used on BBQ grills as a quick but effective clean to get them ready for the next use or for a deep clean if the grill had been stored away. It’s also good, as it won’t affect the food or leave a taste behind like some other products can.

Rugs & Carpets
Baking soda can be used to clean carpets or rugs as a deeper clean than you would achieve from vacuuming, or to lift a stain. It’s quick and effective without leaving marks or dulling colour. In fact, it has been known to brighten whites over time.

rug clean

Adding baking soda into your washing machine will give your clothes a deeper clean and lift any stains, perfect if your clothes have been stuck in a suitcase for a while or for a bigger spillage. As it dissolves itself, it won’t have any effect on your washing machine.

Adding a little bit of powdered baking soda into the bottom of a clothes hamper will help get rid of any smells or odours from the clothes before they are even washed ensuring that the hamper will stay fresh.

Baking soda is perfect for lifting any stains in the bath such as hair dye as well as everyday grime, and even brightening the white without bleach which can be damaging over time and dangerous if you are using your bath soon after cleaning.

bathroom cleaning

Flooring such a laminate or tiling etc. is often difficult to remove stains from after they have set or to give a good deep clean to without using products that will damage it or wear the colour or pattern over time. This is where baking soda comes in use. It can be used as a spot cleaner for any stains or mixed with water to be used to clean the whole floor.

Scattering baking soda in the dishwasher has a multiuse purpose, as not only will it clean any dishes etc. even better but it will actually clean the inside of your dishwasher, sides and piping included. This is a much cheaper alternative to many other products offering the same result.

Baking soda is perfect for cleaning silver as it will lift any dirt or stains set in the small dips or creases in the silver without damaging the metal or the colour. It is often used to brighten silver.

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Litter Box
Putting baking soda at the bottom of a litter tray or using it to clean one out will prevent the smell from lingering.

Baking soda can be mixed with hot vinegar to form a substance that can be poured into sinks etc. to unclog drains. It will dissolve any dirt or grime that has built up and is safe enough to not damage the piping or the water.

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