How to Thoroughly Clean Your Fridge

25Sep 2015

clean your refrigerator

The refrigerator is nicknamed ‘workhorse of the kitchen’ for a good reason. It is the one appliance that never stops and is always running in order to keep your food fresh and ready for eating.

Considering that it takes quite a lot of beating in the form of spills, odours from spoiled food and overcrowding during holidays and big family visits, your fridge really needs some love and care from time to time. Staying on top of cleaning this appliance is very important, as you don’t want to keep your food in a messy environment. You have to do your best to keep the appliance fresh at all times and devote part of your home cleaning time to it. Cleaning the refrigerator inside out is the best way to tackle this. Follow this step-by-step guide and get down to work: 

fridge cleaning

- Take out all of the food - in order to perform effective cleaning, you have to empty the fridge first. It needs to be completely emptied out so that you can wipe the surfaces and see if there is a problem that needs to be taken care of.

old food cleaning

- Dispose of food gone bad - it is possible to put some food in your fridge and completely forget about it. Time wins all battles eventually, so food that has been sitting for too much is likely inedible and needs to be thrown out. If you want to avoid any mess, make sure you use a sealed bag and dispose of it in the trash bin as soon as possible.

fridge racks cleaning

- Deal with the interior components - in order to clean effectively, you should take out all of the shelves and drawers from your fridge. Freeing up space in such manner will not only allow you to work faster and more effectively inside, but also enable you to wash said items in the sink. Since these are the areas that you constantly have to touch in order to take food out, chances are they need just as thorough cleaning service as the rest of the interior. The best way of getting the fridge inventory sanitised is to wash it by hand with a simple dishwashing detergent. One very important thing to remember is to allow the shelves and drawers to adjust to your room temperature, before you introduce these items to hot water. Cold glass can easily shatter when hot water is poured on it. If there are any tough stains your detergent can’t deal with, you can resort to soaking the items in ammonia diluted in hot water. Dry out each item before re-introducing it inside.

cleaning fridge interior

- Wipe the interior of the fridge - natural cleaners work best when it comes to cleaning inside your fridge, because food can easily absorb the smell of tough chemical cleaners. There are alternative natural solutions you can use: vinegar and water in 1:3 ratio; a quart of hot water with two tablespoons of baking soda mixed inside. Both of these work really well and will clean the fridge interior in no time at all.

- Clean the inside part of doors too - most fridges have shelving space located on the inside of their doors. Since that is often used, you mustn’t forget to clean it too.

fridge door cleaning

- Finish with cleaning your containers - cooking can be a messy job sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you should introduce the results of it to your fridge. Now is a good time to clean those jars, containers and bottles that have been staining the interior of the fridge. Otherwise your work will be for nothing and soon enough you will have to clean again.

Thorough fridge cleaning also includes cleaning the exterior.

fridge exterior

- Pull the fridge forward - often refrigerators are placed next to a wall. It is hard to clean when not all of their sides are exposed. That is why you should pull the fridge before you proceed. 

- Use an all-purpose cleaner - there is no need to go with harsh chemicals on the fridge exterior. A mix of white vinegar and water works great. Simply spray with the solution and wipe with a clean cloth.

cleaning products

- Clean the condenser coils and fan blade - cleaning the fan and condenser coils of your fridge is extremely important, as these components are responsible for releasing heat back into your ambient environment. If there is too much dust or other spoils, heat will not be released effectively and the fridge compressor will have to compensate more. Before you proceed with this final task, you must first unplug the fridge from its power source for safety reasons. A coil brush works great in dealing with spoils and dust on the coils and fan blades. Use no cleaning solution here and simply wipe the components.

fridge coils cleaning

- Finishing touches - if the floor surrounding your fridge needs some cleaning, vacuum it. Slide the fridge back into place and plug it in. Enjoy its fresh new look!

Cleaning the fridge isn’t really that difficult task. Following this guide will ensure that you do it right in no time at all.

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